Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders's policies onAll

Arts & Culture
1 Continue to advocate strongly for robust funding of the arts in our cities, schools, and public spaces 0
2 Demilitarize police forces 0
3 Invest in community policing 0
4 Create a police culture that allows for good officers to report the actions of bad officers without fear of retaliation 0
5 Establish a new model police training program that reorients the way we do law enforcement 0
6 Fund and require body cameras for law enforcement officers 0
7 Require police departments and states to collect data on all police shootings and deaths that take place while in police custody 0
8 Set new rules on the allowable use of force 0
9 Re-enfranchise the more than two million African-Americans who have had their right to vote taken away by a felony conviction 0
10 Restore the “pre-clearance” formula under the Voting Rights Act 0
11 Put an end to discriminatory laws and the purging of minority-community names from voting rolls 0
12 Ban for-profit prisons 0
13 Eliminate mandatory minimums 0
14 Take marijuana off the federal government’s list of outlawed drugs 0
15 Allow people in states which legalize marijuana to be able to fully participate in the banking system 0
16 Invest in drug courts and medical and mental health interventions for people with substance abuse problems 0
17 Boost investments for programs that help people who have gone to jail rebuild their lives with education and job training 0
18 Investigate local governments that are using implicit or explicit quotas for arrests or stops 0
19 Stop local governments that are relying on fines, fees or asset forfeitures as a steady source of revenue 0
20 Police departments must investigate all allegations of wrongdoing 0
21 Prevent employers from discriminating against applicants 0
22 Strengthen and better enforce the instant background check system 0
23 Close the gun-show loophole 0
24 Make 'straw man' purchases a federal crime 0
25 Ban semi-automatic assault weapons 0
26 Recognize that the mental health system is seriously broken 0
27 Make tuition free at public colleges and universities 0
28 Stop the federal government from making a profit on student loans 0
29 Substantially cut student loan interest rates 0
30 Allow Americans to refinance student loans at today’s low interest rates 0
31 Allow students to use need-based financial aid and work study programs to make college debt free 0
32 Cut U.S. carbon pollution by 40 percent by 2030 and by over 80 percent by 2050 0
33 Create a Clean-Energy Workforce of 10 million good-paying jobs by creating a 100% clean energy system 0
34 Return billions of dollars to consumers impacted by the transformation of our energy system 0
35 Ban fossil fuels lobbyists from working in the White House 0
36 End the huge subsidies that benefit fossil fuel companies 0
37 Create a national environmental and climate justice plan that recognizes the heightened public health risks faced by low-income and minority communities 0
38 Bring climate deniers to justice so we can aggressively tackle climate change 0
39 Embrace a science-based standard for carbon pollution emissions reductions 0
40 Put a price on carbon 0
41 Create clean, domestic energy alternatives to power our cars and trucks 0
42 Ban Arctic oil drilling 0
43 Ban offshore drilling 0
44 Stop dirty pipeline projects like the Keystone XL 0
45 Stop exports of liquefied natural gas and crude oil 0
46 Ban fracking for natural gas 0
47 Ban mountaintop removal coal mining and invest in Appalachian communities 0
48 Close the loopholes that allow the chemical, oil and gas industries to pollute our air and water 0
49 Increase fuel economy standards to 65 miles per gallon by 2025 0
50 Protect public lands by promoting natural resource conservation and habitat preservation 0
51 Invest in advanced renewable fuels and keep our energy dollars at home 0
52 Invest in solar energy and put money back in the pockets of consumers 0
53 Invest in making all American homes more energy efficient 0
54 Invest in an affordable energy storage solution that will allow us to fulfill our clean energy needs 0
55 Build geothermal power plants to create full time family-wage jobs for operations, engineering, maintenance, and administration 0
56 Enable greater consumer choice in energy 0
57 Begin a moratorium on nuclear power plant license renewals in the United States 0
58 Provide global clean energy funding to vulnerable countries 0
59 Build electric vehicle charging stations 0
60 Make our cities more walkable and take more cars off the road 0
61 Update and modernize the energy grid 0
62 Convene a climate summit in his first 100 days 0
63 Lead countries in cutting climate change 0
64 Plan for peace to avoid international climate-fueled conflict 0
65 Address the inadequate environmental cleanup efforts 0
66 Stop the unequal exposure of people of color to harmful chemicals, pesticides and other toxins 0
67 Require employers to provide at least 12 weeks of paid family and medical leave; two weeks of paid vacation; and 7 days of paid sick days 0
68 Enact a universal childcare and prekindergarten program 0
Foreign Policy
69 Fully fund and expand the VA 0
70 Substantially improve the processing of Veterans’ claims for compensation 0
71 Expand the VA’s Caregivers Program 0
72 Expand mental health service for Veterans 0
73 Make comprehensive dental care available to all veterans at the VA 0
74 Move away from a policy of unilateral military action, and toward a policy of emphasizing diplomacy 0
75 Ensure that any military action we engage in has clear goals, is limited in scope, and provides support to allies 0
76 Close Guantanamo Bay 0
77 Abolish the use of torture 0
78 Expand our global influence by promoting fair trade, addressing global climate change, providing humanitarian relief and economic assistance, defending the rule of law, and promoting human rights 0
79 Prevent a Nuclear Iran 0
80 Israel and Palestine can, and should, peacefully co-exist 0
81 Only appoint Supreme Court justices who will make it a priority to overturn Citizens United 0
82 Fight to pass a constitutional amendment making it clear that Congress and the states have the power to regulate money in elections 0
83 Fight for a publicly financed, transparent system of campaign financing that amplifies small donations 0
84 Insist on complete transparency regarding the funding of campaigns 0
85 Fight to eliminate super PACs and other outside spending abuses 0
86 Work to aggressively enforce campaign finance rules 0
87 Overturn Citizens United 0
88 Make Election Day a federal holiday 0
89 Make early voting an option for voters who work or study and need the flexibility to vote on evenings or weekends 0
90 Make no-fault absentee ballots an option for all Americans 0
91 Automatically register every American to vote when they turn 18 or move to a new state 0
92 Make sure that there are sufficient polling places and poll workers to prevent long lines from forming at the polls anywhere 0
93 Introduce a single-payer healthcare system 0
94 Expand and protect the reproductive rights of women 0
95 Only nominate Supreme Court justices who support Roe v. Wade and the reproductive rights of women 0
96 Expand the WIC program for pregnant mothers and infants 0
97 Require Medicare to use its bargaining power to negotiate with the prescription drug companies for better prices 0
98 Allow individuals, pharmacists, and wholesalers to import prescription drugs from licensed Canadian pharmacies 0
99 Prohibit the United States from agreeing to provisions in international trade deals that would raise drug prices 0
100 Suspend the government’s authority to destroy packages of imported drugs at the border 0
101 Close the Medicare Part D donut hole for brand and generic drugs by 2017 0
102 Require generic drug companies to pay an additional rebate to Medicaid if their drug prices rise faster than inflation 0
103 Restore Medicare prescription drug discounts for low-income seniors and people with disabilities 0
104 Prohibit anti-competitive deals between brand and generic drug makers 0
105 Terminate exclusivity from a drug company convicted of fraud 0
106 Require drug companies to publicly report information that affects drug pricing 0
107 Expand DACA and DAPA 0
108 Protect immigrant workers exercising their rights 0
109 Provide permanent immigration relief to families 0
110 Decouple local law enforcement from immigration enforcement 0
111 Employ humanitarian parole to reunite families 0
112 Promote cooperation between immigrants and local law enforcement 0
113 Expand access to counsel for immigrants 0
114 Properly fund our nation’s immigration courts 0
115 Close loopholes that allow racial profiling by federal authorities 0
116 End for-profit detention 0
117 End family detention 0
118 Propose budgets with smart, targeted enforcement 0
119 Make detention practices accountable 0
120 Promote alternatives to detention 0
121 Guarantee due process and bond hearings 0
122 Ensure that the roadmap to citizenship is inclusive 0
123 Establish a reasonable and fair wait for citizenship 0
124 Minimize financial penalties and fees 0
125 End the three-year, ten-year, and permanent bars 0
126 Provide expansive relief to DREAMers 0
127 Make border protection use resources more efficiently and effectively 0
128 Reject piecemeal border enforcement 0
129 Reduce border deaths 0
130 End Operation Streamline and barriers to asylum 0
131 Implement the “best interests of the child” standard 0
132 Turn back the militarization of the southern border 0
133 Hold CBP accountable 0
134 End the “constitution free” zone 0
135 Protect women from discrimination 0
136 Keep families together 0
137 Strengthen and expand our support for refugees 0
138 End the economic exploitation of immigrant workers 0
139 Protect and expand the legal rights of immigrant workers 0
140 Operate smart and fair employment verification 0
141 Reduce health care costs for immigrants and undocumented workers 0
142 Defend the Diversity Visa from attacks 0
143 Ensure access to asylum for persecuted immigrants 0
144 Establish fair and equitable trade policies 0
145 Fully fund and prioritize immigrant integration 0
146 Expand access to naturalization 0
147 Connect integration with educational programs 0
Jobs & Economy
148 Demand that the wealthy and large corporations pay their fair share in taxes 0
149 Create a progressive estate tax on the top 0.3 percent of Americans who inherit more than $3.5 million 0
150 Enact a tax on Wall Street speculators 0
151 Increasing the federal minimum wage from $7.25 to $15 an hour by 2020 0
152 Invest $1 trillion over five years towards infrastructure needs 0
153 Reverse trade policies like NAFTA, CAFTA, and PNTR with China 0
154 Create 1 million jobs for disadvantaged young Americans by investing $5.5 billion in a youth jobs program 0
155 Pass federal legislation to ensure pay equity for women 0
156 Make it easier for workers to join unions by fighting for the Employee Free Choice Act 0
157 Break up huge financial institutions so that they are no longer too big to fail 0
158 Re-write trade policies and rebuild factories that were closed as a result of bad trade deals 0
159 Raise the tipped minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2023 0
160 Expand Social Security benefits by an average of $65 a month 0
161 Fight for America’s small and mid-sized farms 0
162 Encourage the growth of regional food systems 0
163 Reverse trade policies like NAFTA 0
164 Enforce our country’s antitrust laws against large agribusiness and food corporations 0
165 Double the current level of funding for the highway and transit accounts of the Highway Trust Fund 0
166 Invest $75 billion to upgrade our passenger and freight rail lines 0
167 Invest $12.5 billion to improve airports across the country 0
168 Invest $17.5 billion to bring our air traffic control system into the 21st century 0
169 Invest $15 billion over five years to clear the backlog of projects to improve inland waterways, coastal harbors and shipping channels 0
170 Invest $12 billion a year to repair and improve the high-hazard dams 0
171 Invest $6 billion a year so states can improve the drinking water systems 0
172 Invest $10 billion a year for power transmission and distribution modernization projects 0
173 Invest $5 billion a year to expand high-speed broadband networks in under-served and unserved areas 0
174 Expand Social Security by lifting the cap on taxable income above $250,000 0
175 Sign into law the Equality Act, the Every Child Deserves a Family Act 0
176 Work with HHS to ensure LGBT Americans have access to comprehensive health insurance 0
177 Advance policies to ensure students can attend school without fear of bullying 0
178 Require police departments to adopt policies to ensure fairer interactions with transgender people 0
179 Bar discrimination against LGBT people by creditors and banks 0
180 Veto any legislation that purports to “protect” religious liberty at the expense of others’ rights 0
181 Protect and expand the Social Security Disability Insurance Program (SSDI) 0
182 Increase employment and educational opportunities for persons with disabilities 0
183 Fight for the U.S. ratification of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities 0
Science & Tech
184 Invest in broadband and high-speed Internet services 0
185 End the bulk collection of phone records, internet history, and email data 0
186 End the rule allowing American corporations to defer paying federal income taxes on profits of offshore subsidiaries 0
187 Prevent corporations from avoiding U.S. taxes by claiming to be a foreign company through the establishment of a post office box in a tax haven country 0
188 Eliminate tax breaks for big oil, gas, and coal companies 0
189 Prevent American companies from avoiding U.S. taxes by corporate inversions 0
190 Close loopholes that allow U.S. corporations to artificially inflate or accelerate foreign tax credits 0
191 Make sure that the super-wealthy pay their fair share of taxes 0
192 Include a billionaire’s surtax of 10 percent 0
193 Close estate tax loopholes that have allowed the wealthy to avoid billions in estate taxes 0
194 Exempt the first $3.5 million of an estate from federal taxation ($7 million for couples) 0
195 Create of a tax on Wall Street to significantly reduce speculation and high frequency trading 0
196 Lift the cap on the taxable income that goes into the Social Security trust fund 0