Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton's policies onScience & Tech

Grow American technology exports, while fighting to protect U.S. IP against piracy

America leads the world in technology exports, including in information technology hardware, software, and services. Hillary will continue to fight for American exports abroad—as she did during her tenure as Secretary of State—to support jobs and innovation here at home. To prevent foreign countries from abusing the rules and taking advantage of American workers and businesses, she will advance Export Control Reform, pursue policies to protect U.S. trade secrets and IP, and resist calls for forced tech transfer or localization of data. She will also build on the Obama Administration’s efforts to stop China’s cyber-enabled economic espionage and ensure that China adheres to its international commitments. And she will oppose trade agreements, like the Trans-Pacific Partnership, unless they meet her high test of creating good-paying American jobs, raising incomes, and enhancing our national security.

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