Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton's policies onScience & Tech

Increase access to capital for small businesses and start-ups

Technological innovation and job creation is often driven by smaller companies and start-ups—today, small businesses create two out of every three new jobs. But the percentage of bank loans that have gone to small businesses has declined by one-third since 2000; venture capital funding is highly clustered—with 70% of all VC funding going to three states, 40% going to one region, 7% going to firms with women founders, and a mere 1% directed to African-American women founders. The result is that too few Americans are benefiting from the opportunity to access capital and put their job-creating ideas to the test. Hillary will support entrepreneurship ecosystems in all parts of the country, with the federal government playing its part to increase access to capital for SMEs and start-ups, especially for minority, women and young entrepreneurs.

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