Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush's policies onAll

1 Repeal Obama’s anti-gun executive actions 0
2 Oppose all legislative actions that impose unnecessary burdens on law-abiding gun owners 0
3 Nominate and fight for conservative judges who have a deep respect for the Constitution and the Second Amendment 0
4 Appoint an attorney general who will enforce existing laws rather than demanding new restrictions on law-abiding gun owners 0
5 Fix our mental health system to ensure that the medical records of those who are dangerously mentally ill are entered into the National Instant Criminal Background Check System 0
6 Establish a national goal of “no net loss” of sportsmen’s access 0
7 Support a set-aside in the Land and Water Conservation Fund for funding easements, acquisitions or other projects that provide access for hunting, angling and other recreational activities on landlocked federal lands 0
8 Ensure current federal drug abuse and addiction prevention efforts are better coordinated, improved with evidence-based models and closely monitored for results 0
9 Encourage “Abuse Deterrent Formulations” (“ADF opioids”) of prescription painkillers 0
10 Ensure federal law enforcement agencies have the resources they need to target illicit drug pipelines and supply chains 0
11 Require all federal agencies involved in High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) Investigative Support Centers to develop a process to coordinate efforts across agents in the field, monitor their progress towards drug control and evaluate results 0
12 Support policies that distinguish pill mills from evidence-based pain clinics 0
13 Provide support to states in their role exercising effective oversight of pain clinics 0
14 Enact smarter sentencing laws for drug offenders, with stiff consequences for drug lords, cartels and violent drug traffickers 0
15 Ensure nonviolent drug offenders obtain the necessary treatment and more quickly return to their communities with reduced mandatory sentences 0
16 Broaden access to drug courts 0
17 Strengthen and coordinate Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs (PDMPs) to monitor and analyze electronic prescribing and dispensing data 0
18 Promote innovation for a suite of treatment and recovery tools that align with individuals’ unique medical needs and beliefs 0
19 Conduct a rigorous evaluation of existing prevention, treatment and recovery programs to ensure funding supports evidence-based programs and to consistently monitor results 0
20 Overhaul current efforts across the federal government to reduce duplication of efforts and maximize impact 0
21 Ensure that all Americans graduate from high school, college or career ready, and have the opportunity to pursue affordable post-secondary education or training 0
22 Convert 529 college savings accounts into Education Savings Accounts 0
23 Allow states to give funds directly to parents and let them choose the type of education that their children need 0
24 Support charter school expansion, reauthorize and strengthen the DC Opportunity Scholarship program, and allow states to make federal funds portable 0
25 Reward low-income and high needs schools who improve student outcomes with additional dollars 0
26 Recruit new talent to the teaching profession, reward top teachers in a state’s lowest performing schools, and create individual training accounts that teachers can use to further their own profession 0
27 Require states to ensure every citizen, parent and teacher receives a complete, useful and timely picture of student achievement, system progress and finances in their schools, while safeguarding student privacy 0
28 Invest in research and support innovative models 0
29 Replace the federal loan program with an entirely new, income-based financing system 0
30 Provide all high school graduates access to a $50,000 line of credit through their Education Savings Account 0
31 Give low-income students, in addition to the $50,000 line of credit, access to an improved need-based Pell Grant through their Education Savings Account 0
32 Ensure colleges have “skin in the game” by forcing institutions to share the risk of failure with students 0
33 Expand access to new models of education 0
34 Incentivize the creation of state databases that make information on student outcomes available to the public 0
35 Help borrowers with existing debt by allowing them to transfer into the new income based repayment system 0
36 Support moving the Department of the Interior headquarters from Washington, DC to a location closer to the lands it manages and the people it most affects 0
37 Direct agencies to give deference to states to determine what land uses are sustainable and most compatible for citizens who live in a particular area 0
38 Practice dynamic and partnership-based decision-making starting with convening a meeting of Westerners to agree on a better framework for cooperative decision 0
39 Adopt “states-first” wildlife conservation policies that provide more deference to state plans for protecting and restoring species’ populations 0
40 Back the temporary modification of the Land and Water Conservation Fund to better consolidate and maintain federal assets 0
41 Providing our national parks with a 100th anniversary gift by supporting the redirection of a portion of acquisition funds to reduce the backlog of maintenance projects in our national parks 0
42 Target federal acquisition funds at inholdings and enhance existing lands and outdoor recreation opportunities 0
43 Support the permanent reauthorization of the Land and Water Conservation Fund to provide greater certainty of funding for states 0
44 Convene the nation’s top experts on forest health to develop a new national wildfire policy 0
45 Reaffirm western water rights by protecting against federal encroachment of surface and groundwater resources and stopping the Waters of the United States rule in its tracks 0
46 Expedite funding, studies and permitting for water infrastructure, especially water storage projects, as one way to address historic drought conditions 0
47 Support a “two is enough” permitting policy whereby projects on federal lands requiring federal approval must be permitted or rejected within two years unless there are unusual circumstances 0
Foreign Policy
48 Support the Iraqi forces, including directly arming the Kurdish Peshmerga and re-engaging with the Sunni tribes 0
49 Increase the accuracy and lethality of our airpower against ISIS 0
50 Give U.S. forces greater range of action, embedding them with Iraqi units and removing overly-restrictive rules of engagement 0
51 Defeat Assad and ensure his regime is not replaced by something as bad or worse 0
52 Expand and improve the recruitment and training of Syrian forces fighting ISIS 0
53 Establish multiple safe zones, and along with our partners, a no-fly zone in Syria 0
54 Increase our commitment to NATO, including sending an Army Special Forces Group back to European Command 0
55 Increase our presence, restore alliances and build new partnerships in Asia 0
56 Increase partner-building exercises with foreign militaries to lessen the load on U.S. forces 0
57 Opposes the $1 trillion in defense cuts passed by President Obama and Congress 0
58 Increase the size of the Army by 40,000 soldiers and the size of the Marine Corps by 4,000 Marines 0
59 Increase the size of the Navy and increase Virginia-class submarine production 0
60 Replace aircrafts that are older than our pilots 0
61 Reduce DC bureaucrats to free up resources for more uniformed military 0
62 Increase and broaden the choice veterans have of their doctor 0
63 Fire bureaucrats who refuse to make bidding for VA contracts competitive 0
64 Improve whistleblower protections 0
65 Address the wait list for care 0
66 Verans should be able to login, make or cancel an appointment, and check on the status of that appointment with little hassle 0
67 The VA should explore public-private partnerships to replace shoddy software 0
68 The VA should team with the private sector to create a single, safe credential for veterans that verifies their service and eligibility for benefits 0
69 Allow the GI bill to be used to insure a small business loan 0
70 Prepare for the further growth in the female veterans population with responsive programs in organization, staff, and training 0
71 Engage the female veterans population and making them aware of the care options available to them 0
72 Institute reforms related to the Pentagon 0
73 Confront and end the habitual practice of deficit spending 0
74 Revive Veto Corleone 0
75 Place a freeze on federal hiring 0
76 Propose enhanced financial incentives for managers whose skill and careful planning reduce spending 0
77 Veto legislation that exceeds federal authority and nominate judges who will vigorously enforce the Constitution’s limits on federal authority 0
78 Nominate and appoint people with proven experience in the states over Washington insiders and academics 0
79 Repeal and replace regulations to restore the proper role of state governments in our constitutional system 0
80 Empower states to enforce laws that promote the goals of federal immigration law without allowing states to create their own immigration regimes 0
81 Ensure that federal labor regulations do not unduly restrict state flexibility in responding to the workforce demands of our new digital economy 0
82 Repeal and replace ObamaCare 0
83 Modernize the Food and Drug Administration’s regulatory morass and increase funding and accountability at the National Institutes of Health 0
84 Promote private sector leadership of health information technology adoption and enable better access to patient de-identified Medicare and Medicaid claims data 0
85 Establish a comprehensive review of regulatory barriers to health innovation 0
86 Provide a tax credit for the purchase of affordable, portable health plans that protect Americans from high-cost medical events 0
87 Increase contribution limits and uses for Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) to help with out-of-pocket costs 0
88 Facilitate transparency on costs and outcomes 0
89 Cap the employer tax exclusion to lower insurance premiums 0
90 Allow employers to use financial incentives to encourage wellness programs 0
91 Enable small businesses to make tax-free contributions to their workers’ individual, portable health plans 0
92 Make insurance markets more competitive 0
93 Strengthen the health care safety net 0
94 Increase means-testing for Medicare premiums 0
95 Improve Medicare management practices 0
96 Ensure fee-for-service providers are appropriately reimbursed 0
97 Provide financial security through Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) 0
98 Redirect ObamaCare’s Medicare cuts to Medicare solvency 0
99 Create more forward-operating bases to maximize agents’ time on the border by stationing them there for multiple days at a time 0
100 Intercept drugs and people as close to the border as possible by using quick reaction teams that go after the threat the moment it crosses the border 0
101 Leverage technology to constantly watch the border, develop intelligence, and put less work on the agents 0
102 New roads are needed on the border to secure access to remote and rugged terrain to interdict smugglers 0
103 New boat ramps can provide Border Patrol riverine units more points to put their vessels in the water so they can patrol more effectively 0
104 Funding should be provided to maintain, improve, and expand fences where appropriate 0
105 Remove restrictions to make it easier for agents to access federal lands 0
106 We need a strong E-Verify system to ensure that American businesses are not hiring illegal immigrants 0
107 Identify and send home the people who are entering the United States and overstaying their visas or otherwise violating the terms of their admission 0
108 Crack down on sanctuary cities that undermine efforts to enforce immigration laws 0
Jobs & Economy
109 Require regulators to live within a budget – for every one dollar of regulatory cost they propose, they will need to also propose ways to save an equivalent dollar through regulatory relief 0
110 Enhance and enforce presidential control over regulations to ensure that regulations do not impose large burdens on the economy or American workers 0
111 Establish a two-year deadline for completing the federal permitting process for major transportation projects 0
112 Lift the ban on crude oil exports and liberalize natural gas exports 0
113 Approve the Keystone XL Pipeline 0
114 Reduce overregulation in the energy industry 0
115 Defer to the will of states and tribes and let the citizens and leaders weigh the benefits and costs of oil and gas development 0
116 Boost funding for high-priority basic research and increase the effectiveness of our national labs 0
117 Create a level playing field for all energy sources including nuclear, renewables, coal, natural gas, oil and alternative fuels 0
118 Remove burdensome government regulations, subsidies and other barriers 0
119 Make it easier for Americans to save more of their own money for retirement, reducing the need to rely only on Social Security 0
120 Reduce unnecessary burdens to make it easier for employers, especially small businesses, to offer retirement plans 0
121 Help small business workers by allowing them to automatically save part of their salary in a “starter 401(k)” plan 0
122 Allow multiple small businesses to access a single retirement savings plan for all their employees 0
123 Encourage employers to automatically enroll their employees in a retirement savings plan 0
124 Eliminate the 10 percent arbitrary limit on this savings tool 0
125 Give smaller checks to those who choose to retire early and bigger checks to seniors who choose to wait to claim Social Security benefits 0
126 Eliminate the retirement earnings test 0
127 Increase the Social Security retirement age 0
128 Provide a minimum retirement benefit for low-income workers 0
129 Slow the growth of costs over time by adjusting benefits for wealthier seniors 0
130 Change how Social Security checks are updated each year 0
Science & Tech
131 Recognize the reality that today we are under cyberattack and we are not keeping up with the threat 0
132 Identify clearly the mission for government and the private sector: to work together to ensure the security of the Internet 0
133 Preserve and enhance the capabilities of the U.S. Intelligence Community and law enforcement to identify, deter, and respond to cyberattacks as part of a national strategy 0
134 Restore funding to the Defense Department and Intelligence Community 0
135 Stop the demonizing of the National Security Agency (NSA) and Cyber Command and give them the tools they need 0
136 Reform a convoluted acquisition process that imposes years of delays and inefficiencies in procuring new cybersecurity systems 0
137 Prioritize cybersecurity in discussions and agreements with our allies and partners around the world 0
138 Maintain oversight of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), which manages the Internet’s domain name system 0
139 Hold to account those who are stealing our nation’s intellectual capital 0
140 Improve cybersecurity in public and private sectors in a way that also respects citizens’ privacy 0
141 Reduce legal and technical barriers to cybersecurity information sharing between the federal government and private sector 0
142 Promote best practices for the private sector, including voluntary cybersecurity standards 0
143 The government must not be an obstacle to innovation in the tech industry 0
144 Remove regulatory barriers and red tape that prevent companies from developing new technologies 0
145 Lower taxes and make the tax code simple, fair and clear 0
146 Cut individual rates from seven brackets to three: 28%, 25% and 10% 0
147 Double the standard deduction now taken by roughly two-thirds of all filers 0
148 Eliminate the marriage penalty 0
149 Expand the Earned Income Tax Credit 0
150 End the death tax 0
151 Retire the Alternative Minimum Tax 0
152 End the employee’s share of the Social Security tax on earnings for workers older than 67 0
153 Eliminate the lobbyist-created loopholes in the tax code 0
154 Retain the deductibility of charitable contributions but cap the deductions used by the wealthy and Washington special interests 0
155 Treat all noninvestment income the same 0
156 Cut the corporate tax rate from 35% to 20% 0
157 End the practice of world-wide taxation on U.S. businesses 0
158 Assess a one-time tax of 8.75%, payable over 10 years, on corporate profits sitting overseas 0
159 Allow businesses to fully and immediately deduct new capital investments 0
160 Eliminate most corporate tax deductions 0
161 Eliminate the payroll tax for seniors at age 67 0