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What is PolitiPlatform?What we do and how you can help us

PolitiPlatform is a website that tracks platform policies made by candidates running for president in the 2016 election. The goal of PolitiPlatform is to better inform voters by making policies easy to read and understand. Our hope is that, by using PolitiPlatform, you will leave better informed.

We strive to provide information on policies made by candidates, gathered from various news and political sources in order to organize the data in an intuitive way.

How You Can HelpSend us policies made by the candidates

Found a policy made by a candidate that doesn't exist on PolitiPlatform? You can send it to us by the link below and filling out the form with the required information. Please make sure to select the candidate, fill out the message field with information about the policy, as well as a link to the source of the policy.

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